The hacker, known under the pseudonym axi0mX, laid out in open access the exploit called Checkm8. The latter can help in cracking the majority of Apple’s mobile devices.

According to reports, before Checkm8 vulnerable all models of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, which is built on the processor Apple Apple A5 to A11. Simply put, the exploit allows you to hack all the iPhone models starting from iPhone 4s and iPhone ending X. the Last time a similar vulnerability found 2010.

Separately axi0mX notes that Checkm8 uses Bootrom so Apple can’t quickly close the vulnerability. For this the company will have to release a new version of iOS.

However, it is worth considering that Checkm8 is still not ready to jailbreak. The exploit is rather a “tool” that you can use to create a jailbreak utility and rollback to earlier versions of iOS.

Active members of the jailbreak community greeted the news of the appearance of Checkm8 with great enthusiasm. For example, the developer utilities unc0ver has already said that soon he plans to get acquainted with the decision axi0mX and may embed it in its programme.


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