For the analysis of messages is used by a neural network.

Hackers from the group of Digital Revolution, said that they managed to hack the server of the research Institute “Kvant”, which belongs to the FSB. Under the statement of hackers on the server was detected system analysis of Russian social networks. This was stated today by the BBC with reference to the hackers.

Hackers have published reports about the hacking of the server “quantum” in his blog on Twitter. There they were placed in shared documents describing the working principle of the system analysis of media and social networks. From documents follows, that the analysis is carried out among publications in social networks “Vkontakte”, “Classmates”, Facebook and Instagram.

According to the publication, the purpose of the analysis is to determine the General public opinion and protest. The analysis is conducted with a specially trained neural network that is able to determine how similar the publication for keywords, and the disposition of each specific publication.

Note that currently the server “Quantum” is disabled. BBC journalists tried to contact representatives of the NII and the FSB, but to do so failed.

Source: BBC.


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