Chinese government hackers from the group APT41 create a malicious program that is capable of receiving and storing information about sending and receiving SMS. This is reported by the experts of FireEye in a blog post.

According to experts, the software is written for Linux machines and is hosted SMSC (Short Message Service Center) that provide services, short messaging operators.

The malware is called MESSAGETAP. The researchers found it in the network of an unnamed mobile operator. They did not specify how it was infected with dangerous software.

The program is able to write on then FREE to continue to steal them. The necessary texts are contained in their key words. According to FireEye, among them subjects and objects, which are of geopolitical interest to the security services of the PRC, including the names of political leaders, names of military and intelligence organizations and political movements.

After installation on servers MESSAGETAP also finds and saves messages from certain mobile numbers or international mobile subscriber identifier (IMSI), going all through it and already stored on the server traffic. Experts stressed that in our database of malware a lot of numbers and identifiers, a TEXT which interested hackers.

In October 2018, it was reported that Chinese military intelligence has been spying on American companies, including Amazon and Apple. For this they used installed in server chips-spies. The American intelligence knew about the plan of special services of the PRC.

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