9 July 2018, it became known that hackers broke into the service Timehop and captured data on 21 million users. In fact, the situation is somewhat different. About it reports TechCrunch.

Timehop is a popular app that displays memories of the past events in social networks. The attack, which occurred in early July of 2018, cyber criminals managed to seize the personal information of huge number of subscribers of the platform.

As reported by the CEO of Timehop, Matt Raoul and CEO Rick Webb, promise to deal with the situation as soon as possible to correct it was made before the security personnel managed to realize the scale of what happened.

At first it was reported that in the wrong hands, got the names and email addresses of 21 million users. After checking it turned out that affected a few less — 18.6 million. On the one hand, this is good news. But, at the same time it became clear that the hackers also found out the date of birth of 15.5 million people, and was kompromentirovat phone numbers, 3.3 million users. Thus, the hackers gained access to more complete information, albeit on a somewhat smaller number of subscribers.

Timehop representatives say the investigation is ongoing, and I emphasize that in the stolen databases had no information about payment cards or other financial instruments of subscribers. Unlike other social networks, the service also does not track the behavioral characteristics of customers, so users do not have to deal with the increase in spam.

As additional security measures Timehop still advises users to change password from your account. To change the access codes on the linked accounts of other social networks is not required.


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