The number of Internet users exceeded 51% of all inhabitants of the Earth, and the time spent in the network has increased to 6.3 hours. A quarter of a century in Internet immigrated 3.8 billion people.

Most of them live in China, India and the United States. The Russians — only the seventh. Such data are contained in the annual analytical review of the founder of the Fund Bond Capital, Mary Meeker. It is called the “Queen of the Internet”, and to its projections that Mary released in 1995, and listens the whole digital industry. According to Mary Meeker, in 2018, actively worked and entertained in the network is 6% more than the year before: in 2017, the Internet was 3.6 billion active users, or 49% of the population. Now, however, the growth rate will slow down.

Often an exit point in the network becomes the smartphone or set-top box through which to get access to media content, often photos and videos. The fastest — growing platform Instagram and YouTube.

According to the expert, for many, the Internet addiction becomes so strong that they are afraid to let mobile device out of hand: 26% of adult users say that they are on the Internet “almost always”, and this adversely affects the quality of sleep. A challenge for the whole of the digital world and companies operating in this market. Largely under the public pressure, Apple, Google, Facebook and YouTube has abandoned the concept of user involvement at any cost and have released applications or tools that help to combat technology addiction.

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