One reason is the increasingly high price.

As predicted by analysts, sales of smartphones have decreased considerably in the third quarter of 2018. Experts believe that currently, there are several reasons for consumer interest in smartphones has begun to decline.

Lack of innovation

Smartphones rarely offer users a truly new experience, experts believe. In the past few years smartphone manufacturers surprise with new technologies very rarely, preferring to improve the existing functions.

Also according to analysts, leading manufacturers have become more lean possibilities on the basis of “artificial intelligence”. Companies claim that their innovative development that uses machine learning to affect the various functions of smartphones. However, for normal users all these “trillions of calculations per second” are intangible. The feeling of using a truly revolutionary product does not occur.

Rising prices for smartphones

An equally important reason for the fall in the demand for smartphones is the widespread increase in prices of mobile devices. The cost of their smartphones boosts not only Apple, but all the leading manufacturers. Even the price of smartphones Chinese companies are gradually approaching the $1000. Consumers do not like this situation and they, as the statistics shows, simply boycotting the new smartphones. Particularly strong decline was recorded in China, where smartphone sales fell by 11.7%. In the third quarter of 2018 noticed a slight, but still the growth of smartphone sales.

Source: Mydrivers.


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