Author of books series “a Song of Ice and fire” George Martin will take part in the creation of the prequel series “Game of thrones”, whose events will begin to unfold for thousands of years before the main story.

Along with George Martin on the script for the new series works Jane Goldman, known for the film “Kingsman: the Secret service”.

Studio HBO officially confirmed the release of just the pilot episode of the spin-off. However, given the phenomenal success of the main series and the participation of George Martin, behind which is always a devoted army of fans, the project is almost doomed to success.

Here’s what they say about the series, its creators of HBO:

— What is happening for thousands of years before the events of “Game of thrones” series Chronicles poisons us through the darkest periods of the Golden age heroes. Only one thing is certain: the terrifying secrets of the history of Westeros, to the true cause of the appearance of the white walkers, mysteries of the East and the Starks of legends… it’s not a story that everyone knows.

In the new series fans of the books will finally be able to get acquainted with the characters, which are often referred to in the game of thrones: Brandon the Builder, Balaram Blessed, Aegon the Conqueror, and many others. Unfortunately, with friends in the main series characters, in the prequel may appear, except that only the king of the white walkers.

Recall that next year, fans of the series “a Song of Ice and fire” is waiting for the final eighth season of “Game of thrones”.


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