While Apple is preparing to launch its streaming video service. However, many analysts and experts are of the opinion that the new product will be very popular. Similar predictions recently and the General Director of a network Discovery David Zaslav.

In his interview to the correspondent of CNBC, Zaslav said that Apple has everything it needs to run a very successful service. This will help not only huge in size audience of loyal users, but also the availability of funds and professional team.

The head of the Discovery notes that Apple is rather late with the launch of its own video service. Today in the market there are strong players. However, Apple under force if not “shift” them with leadership positions, at least to get out of them in a row.

David Zaslav sure that the main resource of Apple is an active subscriber base. According to the head of network Discovery, today cupertinos work with a monthly audience that exceeds 600 million people. But the important thing is that all these people love the Apple brand and are willing to buy and use Apple products.


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