According to psychologists, the background music sets the pace of the workout and increases your enjoyment of the sport

Therefore, going to the gym, grab your headphones and a gadget with your favorite tracks. What models can “boast” excellent sound quality, reliability and convenience, has estimated the price-aggregator “E-catalog”.

Sony WF-SP900

Lightweight wireless headphones with Bluetooth function, which can be used even without connection to the smartphone, will appreciate the lack of wires interfering during the training. The model is compact, simple design and the presence of many necessary functions. Ear WF-SP900 perfectly adapted to the shape and depth of the ear, and the arms hold the headphones securely in place even during intensive training.

Built-in control mode allows ambient sound, without detracting from the music, to hear what is happening around. To control playback and volume levels of tracks can be light touch to one of the headphones, each of which is responsible for certain options. Included with the device is case-cover with built-in battery that will extend operating time up to 21 hours, and special sealed liners, allowing the use of headphones under water.

Apple Beats Powerbeats 3 Wireless

Apple never ceases to please excellent quality devices, so wireless headphones Powerbeats by Apple 3 will not disappoint fans of the brand. Ergonomic design (there are special mounts for the most dense and convenient fixing), Bluetooth, protection from sweat and water, 12 hours of battery life — not full list of advantages of this model. Deep bass, mid and high frequency ranges to create volume and balanced sound to ensure you enjoy your favorite tracks during a workout.

The Remote Talk (“remote call”) allows using voice commands to answer calls and control music and feature Fast Fuel (“fast recharge”) allows you to quickly recharge the device in between workouts. Additional 5 minutes of charging from the external battery lasts for 1 hour listening to your favorite tracks.

Ear earphones comes with four sizes, special behind-the-ear arcs for a close and comfortable fit, with storage case and USB charging cable.

Beats Powerbeats Pro
Beats is one of the world leaders in the production of high-quality headphones. Powerbeats Pro — concise and reliable wireless model, ideal for sports. Large, but light clips securely hold the speakers on the ear and do not interfere during training.

The device has perfect quality sound with balanced frequencies and bass, and excellent sound insulation. Bluetooth allows you to connect to any “smart” device without additional wiring. Each earphone is equipped with a proximity sensor that starts and stops music playback, depending on, you put headphones on or removed. To control the sound of the can and through the buttons located under the logo on each earpiece. The model is equipped with a microphone to communicate with voice assistant and answer the phones.

A single battery charge will last for 9 hours of continuous playback of your favorite tracks at maximum volume. Charged headphones with storage case that comes with the device.

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