Here’s how Apple Watch will change 4Два days ago, 9to5mac published the official (according to the source) render the smart watch Apple Watch 4.

If you believe the insiders, the wearable accessory will get a number of nice changes. One Reddit user decided to demonstrate exactly how to change the clock design and created a short animation.

The basis was taken the render of the Apple Watch 4, and 38-millimeter Apple Watch S0 in the color “rose gold”. Of changes worth noting:

increased the radius of the rounded corners of the display

the case now seems more rounded

the side button is now recessed into the body

microphone (looks like he) is located between the crown and the Power button

the crown received a larger diameter, but it is thinner

the clock seem to be thinner than the current generation of the Apple Watch

According to leaks, Apple can show off the Apple Watch at the September 4 is the presentation. To confirm whether the render shown, we’ll know on September 12.

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