Wireless keyboard Hexgears X-1 will help the user to control up to four different gadgets and to adjust the backlight at its discretion. Recently, the project has collected decent amount on Indiegogo.

The campaign to raise funds for a Bluetooth wireless keyboard slim aluminum case ended on 24 August 2018. The founders of the project — the company Hexgears — has managed to attract nearly 354 thousand dollars, which amounted to 996% from the initial goal.

Now the keyboard Hexgears X-1 in black or white color may be enjoyed by anyone. The gadget is 109 dollars and will be delivered anywhere in the world in November 2018.

Features of the keyboard Hexgears X-1:

  • compact size — 35.5 x 13 x 1.5 cm;
  • weight — 500 grams;
  • low-profile design;
  • hard portable case;
  • three species of seals keys on the user selection;
  • led backlight, support multiple modes of operation;
  • light and durable aluminum shell, designed using aviation technology;
  • the ability to switch between 4 different devices;
  • USB and NKRO C-connectors;
  • the battery is 1000 mAh;
  • three months of battery life (depending on intensity of illumination).

The keyboard used the same technique that was used in the construction of aircraft Bell X-1 on 14 October 1947 could not only break the sound barrier, but also safely complete the flight.

The company Hexgears aims to give users the freedom of a person can not only easily change the highlighting mode to connect to computers and other gadgets using Bluetooth wires or connections, but also to quickly switch between multiple devices, without making any extra settings.

When ordering the keyboard, you can choose colour and type of sealant.

White will appeal to those who appreciate a clear and sound response when you press a key. The keyboard is equipped with such seals, will sound quite loud.

Brown will suit lovers of smooth printing. Buttons retain good tactile feedback, but quiet.

Red — for those who value quietness and ease of operation. Pressing a key is almost impossible to hear or feel.

Hexgears X-1 will suit gamers and designers and anyone who appreciates multifunctional, reliable and easy device.

The lighting modes make it possible to determine the WASD keys to facilitate control and to emphasize the individuality of the user.

Anyone can order the gadget via the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo at this link.


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