Moscow, November 6 — “Conduct. Economy.” In most cases, changing a company logo is gradual, and the changes usually are not too radical.

But to this rule there are exceptions. So, the logo of Coca-Cola from the 1980-ies was developed gradually, and now this brand is one of the most recognizable in the world.

Here are 15 brands, logos, which over time have undergone major changes. Facebook

Recently Facebook announced a change to the logo. It was stated that the company updates the logo to more clearly reflect the essence of products, including Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook, the social network directly.

Since 2005, the Facebook was the same blue logo within 10 years. In 2015, the logo was slightly changed. Yahoo!

In September, Yahoo! unveiled its new logo, which is significantly different from all previous versions.

A new logo was created by design Studio Pentagram, is known that was engaged in rebranding Slack, Mastercard, and Verizon.

The original company logo was created in 1995. IBM

If we talk about design, the second half of the 20th century was marked by a desire to simplify.

And the IBM logo demonstrates this trend.

Its modern design is rooted in 1972. As noted in the company, the logo was supposed to evoke associations with the “speed and dynamics”. Pepsi

Pepsi followed the path that many brands have gone before him. In the logo completely removed the letters, leaving only the symbol.

The first logo of the brand clearly shows a typical design decisions of the late 19th century: the more complex the design, the better.

In 1962, Pepsi introduced a new logo that inspired the creation of modern design. Volkswagen

When it comes to the famous “Beetle”, then an Association with Adolf Hitler. Before the war, the company logo was also influenced by Hitler — it was like a swastika with clearly defined letters.

In 1939 the company abandoned the logo, opting for a more simple design, which resembled a wheel.

This logo became the basis for modern company logo. The color blue has been used since 1967, but since then, the company logo has also undergone major changes. Amazon

On the original Amazon logo was an attempt to portray the river (in Association with the river Amazon), but it turned out not too similar.

Today’s logo is more recognizable and readable, it even has its own secret — the arrow points from A to Z, as it suggests that the company has all the necessary products for their customers. Windows

Microsoft has changed the logo of the Windows operating system as often as new versions of the operating system.

One of the first versions of the logo in 1994, shown in the picture.

Instead of once seriously change the logo, the company has introduced gradually new developments, and in 2012, the Windows logo became ultra-minimalist. Starbucks

The Starbucks logo has undergone several small changes over the last 40 years, before it became what we know it today.

The Maritime theme of the logo is associated with a mermaid with two tails.

Over time, the mermaid began to look more modest, and the inscription has completely disappeared from the logo in 2011. Audi

Audiwerke was only one of four companies that formed the modern Audi.

However, its logo is significantly different from the minimalistic logo, which was first proposed in 1932 and returned in 1985. Apple

In creating the original Apple logo had participated Steve jobs.

It was a picture of Isaac Newton for a couple of seconds before your Grand opening.

This logo was very difficult. Since then, the logo design was greatly simplified. Shell

Logo Royal Dutch Shell has changed over time is not much, but there is a significant difference between the original and modern logo.

In 1941, Shell took the yellow / red markings for refueling stations.

This color combination was to draw the attention of drivers on the road.

Modern logo exists since 1999. Nokia

The first logo of Nokia was created in the days when the company was one of the largest industrial companies in Finland.

However, since then a lot has changed. The company had to modernize not only production, but also the logo.

The logo has gone through several changes. The modern logo was introduced in 1998. Fiat

The Fiat logo has experienced several revolutionary changes. The original logo was created in 1898 on a gold background was engraved letters.

Since the logo had been changed several times. The modern logo is very similar to the one that existed between 1959 and 1965. Mazda

The original Mazda logo was written letters.

The transition to a single letter “M” occurred in 1997, prior to that, Mazda used three different symbols.

Each of them was significantly different from the previous one, but in the last twenty years Mazda is stable logo. Kodak

Compared to its contemporaries, the first Kodak logo was ahead of its time. He’s been a clear font and letters.

In 1935 Kodak introduced the red and yellow, and since then has not departed from this color scheme, despite numerous changes in the logo.

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