Honda talked about the multimedia capabilities of the electric car e Honda. The citicar is equipped with five displays, to display information about the power plant and a picture with the camera side view, and a voice assistant based on artificial intelligence.

The entire width of the front panel to e Honda will take high-resolution displays. There are five of them and each has its own purpose. Screens next to the racks are part of the camera system side view on the Central displays the picture from rear camera. In front of the driver is a virtual “shield” with a diagonal of 8.8 inches, which shows current charging status, range, and the selected driving mode.

A large part of the panel is occupied by two 12.3-inch touch screens. The office is organized the same way as on smartphones: the screens can be configured separately for driver and passenger, and switching between apps with swipes. There is support for Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and WiFi hotspot. In addition, Honda e has a voice assistant, which, due to customname intelligence, can self-learn, and even the electric car is supported by a digital key in the form of the application on the smartphone.

The production version of the Honda e will debut before the end of 2019. The electric car will be equipped with a 110-kilowatt electric motor (150 forces and more than 300 Nm torque) and the traction battery with a capacity of 35.5 kWh. The stated power reserve is about 200 kilometers.

Pre-orders for e Honda began to take at the end of may. In Europe, the Deposit for the car until you can make only residents of the UK, Germany, France and Norway. The number of applications for the hatchback has already exceeded 36 thousand.

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