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The Russian state Duma on 15 November passed the second reading of bill No. 757423-7 “On amendments to article 4 of the Law of the Russian Federation “On protection of consumer rights. By itself, the draft law introduced by the deputies S. A. by Igorevim, V. V. Gutenev, O. A. Nikolaev, A. A. Yushchenko, tiny, 1222 character with spaces. A substantial part of and less, we quote it entire:

“The sale of certain types of technically complex goods with preset programs for electronic computing machines for the consumer is the possibility of using pre-established Russian programs for electronic computers. The list of separate types of technically complex goods, order preparation and maintenance of list of programs for electronic computers, which have to be pre-installed and pre-installation are determined by the Government of the Russian Federation”.

That is, the law gives the government unlimited powers to determine the list of programs that should be installed on our phones. The wording is intentionally extremely vague. Nowhere does it say that these programs will be free for the user, the seller or budget. There are no restrictions on the functionality of these programs. There is no obligation to provide the ability to delete pre-installed applications. Carte Blanche, a Royal gift to Alexei Navalny and other hunters abuse!

The list of authors and signatories left no doubt that the law will be adopted. Four authors, one from each faction, and United Russia party has delegated to guteneva, one of the most notorious figures of positives from which to expect certainly not necessary. It is clear that just like to get together and write a bill they had no reason — the wording is clearly descended from the government and, realizing its ethical weakness, and filed so that responsibility was shared by all factions, no one is left in white gloves.

But the deputies still try to wriggle out. Youtube channel “the Truth” says:

“The law was adopted almost empty hall in violation of the rules, the authors of the law to vote”. That is, even four elected tried though as-that to be left out. So corruption is their innovation. In General, the deputies, with all doubt as to their mental qualities, such laws do not contribute. That is, the law is not parliamentary — bureaucratic law.

14 billion is nothing to sneeze at

At the same time developed a “telephone right”. The novelty will be called “control IMEI” — linking a unique phone number to the sim card and the passport of the owner. That is to release in the mobile network bought by telephone will be impossible, even if you have a normal sim card was registered — still have to register a phone, not for free.

By the way, how much fun is that? Sounded figure 100, but the expert Council under the government formulated a far more interesting: “Upon registration of the subscriber devices and the cost of registration from 100 to 3 thousand rubles of additional receipts can be from 500 million to 14 billion rubles.”

It seems that we see the banal monetization in favor of the state and especially to the officials who joined the business common at its core the idea of a sovereign Internet.

The declared purpose of “control” to solve the problem of theft of phones. Now, if the victim does not remember your IMEI, catching him in the police nothing. This fact is no logical justification as to specify a unique number from the operator by the last call of problems is not. But the staff of ATS, first, often too lazy to bother, and secondly, the police, to confess, often roof-fences. Competent and active victim the phone will certainly return, and simple terpenes’ll go away empty-handed.

As it turns out about domestic violence. The mechanism is already there, it works, but instead of fixing his action on the ground, instead of improving the work of the police and its interaction with operators we begin to improve the laws.

This fundamentally flawed policy. If you state the power, master, you took a law and do not perform — you have to insist on the performance. In our country, unfortunately, the competent state is not, hence infinite, on five hundred a year, the amendments to the newly adopted laws. Remember the recent hysteria about Smoking on the balconies? So, the Resolution of the government №390 “On fire mode” from April 25, 2012 changes twice a year, although it would seem that the new can come up with? It is possible — now canceled, for example, the marking of doors in the warehouses of the post.

* * *

It all fit perfectly in the times declared “Russian planet” trend of replacement of ownership of the service. You bought the phone, but you’re not the owner. Their limit comes from Google (Apple fans almost officially themselves are the property of the company), their CPS, and now we highly recommend to use the preset programs and do not allow to use without purchasing a separate bureaucratic procedure.

Meanwhile, the fight against theft and terrorism is first and foremost the eradication of their causes. The poverty of many tens of millions of people check IMEI not eliminate, the growing hatred of the government pre-installed programs not to stop.

The more the government will follow a normal law-abiding citizens, the more likely it is to miss the real criminals.

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