In the marketing plan.

During the tournament, the FIFA Apple released several commercials associated with football. The Corporation is not the official sponsor of the championship.

To sponsor the championship too costly even for a company like Apple. And knowing how Tim cook does not like to waste your money, it can be assumed that corporations would never take such a step. However, Apple will still be able to benefit from this event.

FIFA forbids companies to apply the so-called ambush marketing, when the field players wear a shirt with a picture of brands that are not official sponsors of the tournament. For this reason the emblem of Beats, for example, to headphones players always sealed.

But Apple has AirPods. They do not have any emblem and signs, indicating that it is a product of the Corporation. The only thing that gives them a unique and familiar design. And these headphones at the championship are all from the players to the reporters and commentators of the matches.

Every other reporter on Russian TV channels used brand Apple earbuds for 13 thousand rubles. This is not surprising because they have a great sound, they’re long on a single charge, plus they are extremely comfortable. The perfect solution.

The same applies to players. Many experienced players prefer small Apple earphones for chatting and listening to music. Fans saw them, probably also want to buy this gadget.

Thus, Apple is likely to have secured great free advertising. And even if you personally gave players AirPods, you probably spent much less than they could, be it an official sponsor of the tournament.


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