Despite the protective mechanisms that Apple uses to prevent burnout of the pixels on the iPhone display X, image retention can sometimes be felt. This is confirmed by pictures of phones for a long time showing a static image, which was published by Consomac.

The images show that as a result of prolonged display of the desktop, the icons left behind a faint, but quite visible ghosting. Whatever action have not been performed on the smartphone, through the screen will still be traceable and a ghostly grid programs.

Why burn out the pixels

As practice shows, few users have experienced the effect of residual images on the screens of their iPhone X. most Often this feature of OLED panels appears on demo copies that are placed in stores, however, sometimes makes itself felt, and ordinary users.

How to prevent burnout pixels

To avoid fading of pixels, it is recommended to frequently change your desktop picture, and also to activate the auto-lock function of the smartphone. To do this, go to “Settings” — “Screen brightness” — “auto-Lock” and set the minimum back-off time equal to two minutes.

Have you ever had to deal with image retention on my iPhone X? Share your opinion in comments and our Telegram chat.


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