Is it legal?With the release of new firmware for the Apple Watch we got a chance to talk to each other in the “Radio”.

As there is a connection with someone? How much you need to pay for the opportunity to talk with smart watches? Is it safe to communicate this way and can the “Walkie-talkie” to replace the usual call?

All about the new way of communicating in this article.

How does the “Walkie talkie”?

For the first time, this new feature was demonstrated at WWDC 2018, under the original name “Walkie-Talkie”: the two owners of the Apple Watch with the installed firmware WatchOS 5 can send each other short audio messages by pressing a special screen yellow button with the image of the radio.

Communication’s one-sided, that is, interlocutors can talk to each other at the same time, one at a time. The voice of one party is transferred to another only while the speaker is clamped a virtual button on his Apple Watch.

The second interviewee hears the voice of the speaker only from their Apple Watch, or using AirPods headphones connected to the iPhone or Apple Watch.

The function “Radio” is a stripped-down version of FaceTime. Stripped-down — because in the case of audiosonic FaceTime allows you to chat 2-m subscribers at the same time, and in the case of “Walkie-talkie” communication occurs in turn.

Yes, the radio is just a familiar word that denotes the principle of communication (pressed-told-let go of the button), but not the technical capabilities of these radios.

You have to pay for this feature? Working in Russia?

If you have ever talked with other owners of the iPhone for FaceTime, video or audio-only method, be sure that the option “Radio” will work between you and the source.

Required the following conditions:

You and the interlocutor must be iPhone with iOS 12 on Board

You and the interlocutor must be the Apple Watch with IOS 5 WatchOS
You and the companion iPhone must be connected to mobile Internet or Wi-Fi point

Accordingly, the communication does not occur via cell phones and through the Internet connection. So a separate Board is not required, it’s just the transmission packet data according to your Internet tariff on the SIM card.

Peculiarities of communication with the “walkie-Talkie”

It is important to remember that one chat session are not infinite, and is limited to 10 seconds. You can’t hold down a virtual button and dictate a companion 10-minute monologue after 10 seconds the connection is broken, allowing the interviewee to respond to you.

As soon as one person invites the second to use the “walkie talkie”, is established between a permanent connection. This is done to ensure that voice messages are transmitted without delay, virtually in real time.

If they both are inactive for 5 minutes, the connection is disconnected. During these 5 minutes you don’t spend your megabytes, if not talking with someone.

To begin the conversation, you need to choose a contact from address book directly on Apple Watch. The interlocutor can accept the invitation to communicate, and may reject it.

Why you need a radio on your wrist?

The presentation of the new firmware this function was given very little time and the speaker talked about practical examples of using this new chips WatchOS.

Overall, I recommend you consider the mode of “Radio” as instant communication with family and friends for a long time when talking on the phone there is no need.

“You’re in the store? Buy some bread.” “Son, you’re back from school?”. “I’m here, and you?” these are just a few examples of the possible use of walkie-Talkie on your wrist. Here an analogy with voice messages, messengers, whom so many love to communicate.

Only in the case of Apple Watch, the delivery time and listen to voice messages instant.

I use this function when you need to coordinate with colleagues or to quickly ask something from the family, who also own the Apple Watch. Alas, the owners of the first Apple Watch series 0 in flight — they are not available firmware Watch OS 5, and therefore the radio no they don’t.

But the examples of the Apple Watch, which support WatchOS 5:

Apple Watch Series 4
• Apple Watch Series 4 40 mm — 31 990 rubles.

• Apple Watch 44 mm Series 4 — 33 990 rubles.

Apple Watch Series 3
• Apple Watch 38 mm Series 3 — 22 990 rubles.

• Apple Watch 42 mm Series 3 — 24 990 rubles.

I have updated to the 4th series. Do not give up:)

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