The iPhone camera XS and XS Max has some positive differences from the one that is installed in the iPhone X, and not only due to the more advanced. How did you find the editor of Daring Fireball, John Gruber, the new model sets a brand new sensor, the implementation of which took Apple a lot of effort.

First, the matrix camera iPhone XS is 32% more than the iPhone X, directly affecting the quality of images regardless of ambient lighting conditions. And secondly, the company’s engineers have increased the width of a wide angle lens as much as 2 mm.

How good is the iPhone camera XS

Despite the apparent insignificance of an upgrade that managed to make Apple the hottest worthy of praise, says Gruber.

iPhone X — left, iPhone, XS — right

The main difficulty that occurs when you increase the size of the matrix, is the need for its removal from the lens proporcionalno growth. That’s why SLRs are so much different from smart phones in size. However, in Cupertino have been able not only to increase the matrix, but to place newly created photos design case iPhone X.

Automatic adjustment of frame rate

Another innovation available to owners of iPhone XS and XS Max is the ability to adjust automatically to lighting conditions when shooting movies. Finding the lack of light, the camera will automatically drop the frame rate from 30 to 24, to achieve the best exposure. To activate go to “Settings” — “Camera” — “Video” and enable “Avtocesta (weak light”).


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