The sixth beta version of iOS 12, in contrast to the four preceding assemblies, has a positive effect on the speed of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 7. This conclusion was made by leading YouTube channel iAppleBytes demonstrated performance growth in their new video.

iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 running iOS 12 beta 6 demonstrate amazing performance, says iAppleBytes. For the first time since the first beta all the synthetic tests, without exception, demonstrate the superiority of the sixth Assembly 12 iOS iOS 11.4.1.

Speed iPhone iOS 12

In addition, the update brings a noticeable increase in the speed of the smartphones in real usage scenarios. This is evident in the rendering of items when scrolling and loading the interface when you run applications such as “Camera”, “Cards” a regular customer email.

However, in some problems the sixth beta iOS 12 still inferior to current firmware. For example, in a test of the boot speed iOS 11.4.1 overlook the indisputable leaders. A similar result is observed when you run the App Store application.


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