How to disable auto brightness on the IPhone with iOS 12
Such devices were not so much as fans of “Apple” technique trying to keep up with the times and at least once every couple of years to update their phones.

The instructions are simple to a disgrace: On the home screen find the application icon “Settings” (might be hidden in one of the folders). Open: we now Turn to the main section of the parameters (this is true for iOS version 12. In the thirteenth it’s different). Do not pay attention to the item “Screen brightness” — it misleads many. But the options will not find: Next, you must open the universal access, as shown in the screenshot below: there are only a few steps — find the section “Adaptation” display: Inside, in fact, there is an option to enable/disable automatic backlight control: Choose at your own discretion. Don’t forget that deactivation may have a negative impact on the autonomy of the mobile device. By the way, if You have “old” gadget with iOS 11, then the management will be similar. Like on the IPhone to disable the auto brightness of the screen to include in iOS 13
To remove this mode on the iPhone with the thirteenth version of ay-axis is even easier than the above instructions. The developers clearly want to accelerate the access to the most popular settings and make the menu more understandable. Go to settings: Immediately open the “Universal access”: the Next step is to go to display options: Scroll list to the bottom, where is the desired function. You only have to enable or disable the auto brightness on the IPhone: Video

Especially for You we have prepared a video with a visual demonstration of the above instructions:

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