Almost every adult Russians (97%) have at least one cell phone, while 17 years ago the figure was only 5%. The average people of Russia are paid for talking on a cell phone 344 rubles every month. How to spend less and speak (and stay online) more?

In this issue:

How to spend your money from the account of the mobile operator? Do you know? To understand, you need to order itemized bill from your operator and assess, not whether you pay for what you, as a subscriber, it is not necessary.

How to return the money spent on the phone? If you found some services which you are connected, but have already paid, you can request a refund from the cellular operator. If you did not go forward, and you are sure that truth is on your side, you can complain to Roskomnadzor.

How to trick your operator to get a discount? You can save money by checking what the new rates will suit you more (but it is better not to change rates too often, it is not profitable). And, you can try to change mobile operator, your current will offer a discount to keep the customer.

Splurging on cellular while roaming? Usually roaming there are the most unexpected expenses. In this case, you need to find out if your service provider special offers on days of the trip, and to check whether it would be cheaper to buy a local SIM card, at least for the Internet.

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