Email appeared in the 1970-ies, but became widespread only with the launch of the Internet a quarter-century ago. In the 1990s, it is still used for informal communication, but after the surge in popularity of smartphones has actually lost this function — people began to correspond and share files in messengers and social networks.

The household use of the e-mail established the new role of a single ID to log on to the sites. In the end, up to 90% of incoming emails are commercial information: Bank statements, utility bills, receipts from online stores promotions and coupons.

Even if the letter sent by the man, there is a high likelihood that he wrote in the face of any organization, for example, a kindergarten or a property owners Association. Unlike work email, most of these messages can be ignored without any consequences, but that is becoming harder to track among them is really important.

To make email more convenient for personal use decided to not Microsoft and even Google and Verizon — the Telecom giant of the old guard. In 2015 he bought a mail service by AOL for $4.4 billion, and a year later to Yahoo for $4.5 billion For technolite these companies are ridiculous, and the boxes on or she believes the digital sign of helplessness. However, for the average user not AOL and Yahoo helped many discover the Internet.

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Before the deal with Verizon experts AOL has worked to develop a email client for personal purposes. They visited homes across the country and watching how people use email. The biggest discovery — few Americans knew how to find in your mailbox the necessary document such as a boarding pass.

For this reason, AOL decided to create a program Alto Mail, which saved users from having to sort incoming messages into folders. She was sent letters in the “Account,” “Catalogs,” “Garbage,” and others. A similar decision was created to Yahoo.

Email Apple and Google also recognizes letters tickets and booking hotels, and then submits these events to the calendar, but Yahoo went ahead of competitors. Seeing the message about the event system this company offers to set a reminder about it. Tickets and reservation can be marked and they are displayed at the top of your Inbox at a later date. Yahoo even tells you when to expire the discount coupon.

These extensions not only work with boxes of Yahoo and AOL — they can also be connected to Gmail and Outlook. In addition, the developers partnered with corporate senders, helping them to lay out the newsletter so that the program is better understood.

Here, you may receive an objection: it is unlikely that people want their correspondence so studied. But the authors of the software believe that the user convenience is as much or even more than privacy. However, they stressed that ensures full protection of personal data.

While Yahoo continues to lag behind other email services: email this company have 6.3% of users against 43.6% in Apple, 30.3% of Google and 11.4% for Microsoft. However, email itself is an outsider, unsuccessfully competing with social networks and messengers. The future of this technology as fragile as promising.


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