In 2019, Apple will release a major new updated MacBook Pro. According to information analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the MacBook Pro is 2019 for the first time in the history of the line will get 16-16. 5 inch display and a “completely new design”. After just a few hours after the “leak” about MacBook Pro 2019, the network appeared the realistic concept of the main notebook of the year.

Designer Ben Gaskin quickly created a concept MacBook Pro 2019, taking into account new information about the laptop from Ming-Chi Kuo. The laptop has a larger screen with minimal framework around the perimeter. Reduced frame make a really big difference in the design of the model with the latest MacBook Pro.

The concept of the new MacBook Pro 2019, based on the latest leaks, like users. In the comments of the post designer Twitter Apple fans say that the laptop looks like a full-fledged representative of the new generation.

Apple will introduce a MacBook Pro 2019 to one of its presentations autumn 2019.

Source: Twitter.


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