About half of all iPhone owners plan to buy a new model this year, analysts estimated Loup Ventures, studying of consumer preferences. This is almost twice more than last year, indirectly pointing to a record demand, which are in Cupertino.

Obviously, the willingness of consumers to purchase a new iPhone there are rumors about the new models. So, almost certainly it is known that this year Apple will present the iPhone X with support for two SIM cards and edge-to-edge display and a 6.5-inch phablet that will replace the iPad Mini.

Should you buy last year’s iPhone

However, not all consumers intend to buy an iPhone 2018. For example, some are looking towards the actual iPhone X, hoping for a substantial discount after the new models. Buying last year’s smartphone, always know what to expect than if you take a new, I believe they are.

The best selling iPhone

But, whatever it was, the most popular analysts tipped the younger iPhone X 2018. Thanks comparable to the top models performance, the support of two SIM-cards and a quarter a lower price that he will conquer the market, providing Apple record sales.


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