The new working method.

In iOS 12 found another nasty bug. According to numerous user complaints on the Apple support forums, Reddit and Twitter, one of the new features of firmware rapidly reduces the battery life. And if you disable it, the autonomy of the well increases.

What’s the problem?

The cause of the rapid discharge device is a function of “Screen time”. One of the victims was established it empirically: one after another has shut off functions in iOS 12, until I saw that the autonomy becomes normal, if it does not work “Screen time”. The victims say that the charge goes very quickly — within a couple of minutes the battery can discharge a few percent. Reset and restore the gadget to factory default settings do not solve the problem.

What can I do?

Apple the situation with fast discharge device has not commented. The only effective solution is to disable the feature. To do this, open the application “Settings” — “Screen time”, and then at the bottom of the page, click “Off Screen time”.


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