The Internet can be speed up!

CloudFlare has released in the App Store and Google Play app Faster Internet, which on average 30% faster mobile Internet on smartphones and tablets. Application Faster Internet completely free and contains no in-app purchases. The application secret is to use fast public DNS server

CloudFlare has surprised the world by the DNS server, which speeds up the Internet in April 2018. Initially, the server working exclusively on computers, allowing users to redirect the traffic to a fast DNS, thereby significantly speeding up the Internet.

Today, CloudFlare has released a mobile application Faster Internet for iOS and Android. The principle of the application is the same as in the web version of the tool. The user simply connects to a rapid DNS server and receives a considerable boost to the speed of the Internet.

According to statistics, the average increase rate of Internet through Faster Internet is 30%. However, in some cases, users have reported a two-fold increase in connection speed.

What is the most pleasant, the application Faster Internet does not contain any in-app purchases that would, for example, to restrict traffic. At the moment the app is completely free and available for download in the App Store and Google Play.


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