Run into the fake sellers of the cryptocurrency on the Internet is quite simple, while the methods of divorce do not differ originality. All because cryptocurrency is interested in a lot of people who don’t know much about computer security. We talked to the experts exchange service BTCBIT.NET engaged in buying and selling all major cryptocurrencies, who spoke about how to avoid becoming a victim of fraud when buying electronic currency.

Do not buy from unknown seller

It’s one thing when you’re buying the bitcoin from my friend whom I know well. In this case, you can throw him the money on the card or to pay cash and throw the wallet address, which he casts off the electronic money. But even in this case it is better to err in the payment via online banking to indicate that you enumerated amount. But if you want to buy the cryptocurrency from a physical person, then with high probability for a seller to cheat you, because you don’t sign the contract, and therefore your payment on the card will be a voluntary donation. Especially to be shunned sellers crypts in social networks which allegedly “have access to special sources” and can sell you bitcoins at a price several times cheaper and only today. It is 100% Scam. Cryptocurrency buy only in the checked services. Before buying read the reviews about the service, see how long it works does open on the details. By the way, on the latter should elaborate on this.

An example of a tested exchanger cryptocurrencies can be called BTCBIT.NET. The company operates from 2017 and is based in Poland, and has operational offices in Latvia and Estonia. The fact that the company is in the EU already indicates its reliability, as EU authorities are fighting against fraudulent schemes. By the way, BTCBIT.NET is one of the few services cryptocurrency exchange that follows international principles and rules to combat money laundering. That is why financial transactions after registering on the site you will need to upload documents to verify your profile. See reviews about the service cryptocurrency exchange BTCBIT.NET →

Use only official applications

Google and Apple remove apps that are fraudulent, but only after user complaints. And while these complaints are not received, the application will remain in the stores, they download, install, and fall into the trap of criminals. The point of these apps is that they completely copy the design and functionality of the official programmes, with the exception of details that is payment for the cryptocurrency. After payment, the user can be granted various bugs and suggestions to contact the customer support Department which will try as much as possible to stall for time to application time to collect money from other users before it will be removed from the store.

Look at the details

Fraudsters can forge the details of the known exchanger and send them in the mail. This can happen for several reasons, which are often related to the lack of computer literacy. Fraudsters can access your personal account or mailbox and send a letter that the design will repeat the alert system service exchange. The buyer thinks it’s the real details of the exchange, and forwards the money on account of scams. About this way of cheating BTCBIT.NET alerts visit the link below. For example, in BTCBIT.NET currency exchange is only possible via the site of the exchanger, so if you sent a letter on behalf of this company with the details — it’s a Scam. Learn more about the methods of fraud →

Don’t buy into too best deals

Before buying cryptocurrencies study courses on the exchanges and find out the average cost. If the exchanger is very different from these values, it is likely that you are scammers. And dangerous are not the ones who inflate the price (they just want to take more money from the customer), and those who sets a price significantly below market. Buying crypto-currency in this exchange, you will not receive anything in exchange. BTCBIT.NET provides reliable, fast and profitable exchange cryptocurrency. In the exchanger, you can buy or sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, XRP, Dash, Cash, Bitcoin, Ethereum Classic and zcash for in the amount of 50 dollars or 50 euros. The exchanger does not have a mobile app, as the site adapts to any screen resolution, allowing you to conveniently and quickly perform operations on your smartphone or tablet. One of the differences BTCBIT.NET that it enters the single Euro payments area, which completely eliminated the differences between domestic and international payments in that currency. To exchange you can Bank accounts, credit cards, SEPA transfers, WIRE transfers, cryptocurrencies, Epay, PAYEER, Perfect Money, Advanced Cash, and so on. When you exchange using your Bank card the total Commission is 9%. In sections of the site specified detailed information on the cryptocurrency, as well as about the transactions carried out in these cryptocurrencies. Learn more about BTCBIT.NET →

By the way, BTCBIT.NET there is an affiliate program. Bringing a friend via the referral link, he makes a financial transaction — you will receive commissions on all exchanges. If the number of transactions per week will not exceed 25, you get a Commission of 12%, but if their number is greater than 25, then you receive 25% Commission. The participation in our affiliate program is only possible after verification of the profile. To exchange the cryptocurrency in BTCBIT.NET →

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