Tell what you need to know about iCloud photo library and how not to lose your photos.

Users often ask for help in tech support Apple due to the app “Photo”. This ugly duckling battered nerves of the majority of owners of iPhone, iPad and Mac for its instability and unpredictability. People don’t understand how the service works and some of its functions. This time we will talk about deleting a media library and its resynchronization, “storage Optimization” and about sync iCloud photo library to external hard drive.

Is it possible to remove the photo library and re-sync it with the cloud?

When you want to remove the entire collection of pictures with one device and disable it iCloud, many users think that the next time you sync the pictures will be removed from all gadgets.

To avoid this, do the following:

  • Enable iCloud in the system and wait for synchronization.
  • Then turn it off.
  • Then you need to delete all photos on the device.

Since iCloud photo library was disabled, the removal process pictures will not be considered cloud. This means that the photos online and on other devices will remain safe.

What happens to photos if I enable “Optimize storage”?

Optimization removes from the computer the originals and store them only in the cloud. In this case, the device is left copies with lower resolution. Users, including optimisation of images, often ask what happens if the computer run out of space. Actually, nothing terrible will happen. The originals will remain available in iCloud.

It should be noted that having only one copy of the photo is very risky. iCloud does not always work stably and can completely erase the if time synchronization fails. So it’s worth at least several devices to store the originals, rather than relying on only one cloud.

Can I sync my library with an external hard disk?

Some users wonder how to synchronize a library of images with external storage. To do this, you need to:

  • Open the Finder application.
  • Go to settings.
  • Select the tab “Sidebar”.
  • Set the checkbox next to “Image”.

Then in the Finder sidebar, you will see a new folder in which to store library. If you move this file to an external hard drive, the Photos app will sync photos with it, but only when the drive is connected to the computer.


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