Interesting experiment.

Blogger Nikolay Tanev conducted an unusual experiment and collected iPhone X from only original spare parts purchased on the market in Shenzhen, China. All the components previously used in the official iPhone X, so assembled with zero smartphone was 100% original. Build iPhone X with a zero cost blogger at about $500, which is considerably less than the cost of a smartphone in stores and on the secondary market.

Tanev got all the original parts for the iPhone X to the aftermarket in Shenzhen. The blogger stressed that he was looking for components in the best possible condition in order to gather the most approximate to the new iPhone X. According to him, the Assembly of a smartphone can take a lot less money if it means to sacrifice the quality of some parts. So, the blogger found on the market ideal back cover from iPhone X without a scratch. In the commercially available cap with a noticeable scratch at a more affordable price.

Blogger acquired OLED display for $130, the motherboard for $280, the rear panel with the camera for $100 and screws for Assembly for $2. In total, the parts for the iPhone the original X had spent a little more than $500.

Then he turned to the experts at the same the aftermarket, which quickly collected iPhone X from available components. The smartphone was quickly assembled, and then tested for full functionality with the help of special software. The tests showed that without exception, the features of the iPhone X work without problems. Thus, the blogger turned out to collect the original X iPhone from scratch and save a tidy sum.

Source: YouTube.


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