The most useful instruction for the summer of 2018.

Talk about the cybercrimes of the 21st century and that threatens to ordinary users.

That in the article?

On the territory of the Russian Federation actively put citizens in prison under articles 282, 280, 148 of the penal code. For violations not covered by articles, can be punished by fine or up to 5 years. A clear formulation of crime and punishment is absent. What exactly put this or that person, known only to the investigator who will be engaged in business.

Lately people have blamed for the repost funny pictures with Jesus and for his criticism of Orthodox citizens.

What is prohibited?

It is forbidden to post any memes that may displease the ROC or of the police Federation. If the picture or video on a personal page in the network is even slightly hints at extremism, it’s a reason to put the owner in jail. It is not necessary to be the author of the images. Repost is a crime.

Send funny pics to friends is also prohibited. Valiant police are able to find violations even in secret chats. Why should do to prevent memes. Especially if we are talking about communication in Vkontakte. While that is planted only those who publish posts in this social network. Yes, on Twitter you can still enjoy the black humor.

What to do?

To stop using Facebook or at least check out your pages for the presence of prohibited materials and clean them out. This is true even old accounts that are no longer used. The entry of three years ago could easily draw on the date if it finds.


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