Portrait mode shooting on the iPhone waiting for a major upgrade, made sure the application developer Halide Ben Sandofsky. He compared the degree of depth determination is compatible with smartphones on iOS and iOS 11 12 the conclusion of a significant superiority of the updated OS.

On the comparative images shows that the smartphone with iOS 12 on Board better defines the subject more clearly allocating it to the background, thereby providing a more detailed image, which pales in comparison with the picture taken on the device with iOS 11.

How to remove photo blur

The developer did not specify, was whether the photos were taken on the main or front camera of your smartphone. Anyway, the result of Apple engineers visible to the naked eye, allowing one hundred percent probability to count on amazing quality camera of the new iPhone.

Portrait shooting mode on iPhone with the release of iPhone 7 Plus. To ensure bokeh Apple had to equip the smartphone with additional telephoto lens and to project a new system of algorithms that determine the depth and blur the background behind your subject.


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