Learn from the experience of others.

Discontent with the operator or the appearance of attractive offers from other often encourages subscribers to change service provider. However, many do it incorrectly, the result can cause serious problems. To the extent that the subscriber may be entered by collectors. This material showed one real example of what a major mistake not to make when changing operator.

Russian operators of cellular communication offer the possibility of switching to another operator preserving number. But this option not all new SIM cards are issued in large numbers. The Russians buy them as a second SIM card for use in USB modems, smart watches and other devices. With the rejection of such SIM cards, the number on which you are going to move to another operator, should be treated with caution.

And all because due to the details of the contract on account of unused SIM cards may form a decent debt. To which will be not good employees, and collectors.

This situation occurred with the former subscriber of “Beeline”. He had purchased SIM card of the operator for use in the USB modem. After her less than a month, he realized that in his case it is absolutely unprofitable. The member has solved his problem very quickly for myself — just went out and bought a SIM card from another operator.

But, as it turned out, the problem was not solved completely. Five months later he received a letter from the “Regional Collection Service”. The letter stated that “Beeline” has sold the debt on SIM-card collection, and he now had to pay her. The amount of debt — 2 100 rubles. Plus collectors themselves asked for their share — 1800 rubles and an additional fee.

Surprised by this turn of Affairs, the caller asked “Beeline”. Support of the operator is not answered properly and transferred his call to the collection service. Already there, the debtor explained that he has not broken a contract with “Beeline”. In the contract it was written that after reaching a zero balance on the account, it will continue to be charged. This Internet out the service will require payment.

What is the subscriber made a mistake? Deciding to move to another operator, it just broke the SIM card of your current operator and then forgot about it. So, of course, cannot be done, unless of course you have not studied the entire contract detailed way and found pitfalls. In order for no accidents to refuse the services of the operator, it is necessary to terminate the agreement in one of the nearby offices (just to be sure).

For many, it is quite clear, but, as shown by a similar situation, not so familiar with the procedure of refusal from the operator. Beware!


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