In July 2019, the company WPP confirmed information about the sale of 60% stake in the research group Kantar investment company Bain Capital. Such a major change in the composition of the owners can not lead to changes in the business activities. Of course, while we can only speak about the plans. What are they?

Eric Salama (Eric Salama), CEO of Kantar, told about new strategies and plans of the company after the sale of a controlling stake in the investment company Bain Capital.

According to Eric Salama (Eric Salama), General Director of Kantar, the company did not have the desired freedom for making strategic decisions, conducting M&A transactions and overall business development. “We were out of the market within three or four years,” said Eric Salama during a press conference, where he presented an updated strategy for Kantar. Now, when the result of the transaction, valued at approximately $4bn, the majority owner became Bain Capital, Kantar puts new goals. Their implementation will enhance the ability of the company in the field of e-Commerce, Analytics, technologies and consumer behavior analysis.

“We plan to increase our resources in order to compensate for previously missed opportunities,” said Eric Salama. Without naming the proposed transactions, the top Manager stated that the company, which provides television ratings and research data to brands around the world, needs to invest more in automation of data collection and analysis in real-time.

According to Salama, Kantar plans to introduce in the global market of innovative technologies, such as the analytical platform Kantar Marketplace, the optimization tool of the trade Packed consumer goods (CPS), a method of measuring loyalty to brands using short surveys. Kantar will measure the consumption of content on all devices and platforms, whose number is constantly growing. Here is just one illustration: Kantar has signed a partnership with TV ratings company BARB in the UK to measure all IP traffic coming into British households-members of his panel.

Kantar also plans to expand its panel’s analysis of the transaction when buying CPG and FMCG in retail outlets. This will allow a better understanding of the reasons for the behavior of the buyer: product selection, packing effect, the role of brand, etc. today, Kantar is one of the largest research partners of Apple in the field of measuring consumer behavior in the purchase of smartphones, as well as working closely with major technology firms such as Google, Baidu, Alibaba and Snap because they need more in-depth study of consumer behavior. “Historically, they have relied on the use of behavioral data”,” said Salama. “But now customers want to understand the “why” of what you can find out only through a combined analysis of behavioral data and our data about the attitude towards the brand”.

While Kantar carries out significant work on the modernization and expansion of the user base of its products, Bain sees the potential in growing customer needs and plans to use data Analytics and Kantar to optimize their business. However, specific information about a possible increase in the share of ownership in Bain Kantar yet.

In Russia Kantar owned by two companies: “TNC MITS” and “Millward brown ARMI-marketing”.

Evgeny Popov, General Director of “TNS MIC”:

The focus of the competences of the Kantar companies in the global strategy, therefore, all of the above will be true for our country. How will they interact with each other? Of course, each company retains its own individual features determined by accumulated experience, key personnel etc. But the competition between them to say hardly worth it. Often we jointly determine a strategy for a particular client — what product to offer, what the company will do one or another stage, etc.

Dmitry Pisarsky, General Director of “Millward brown ARMI-marketing”:

As two independent companies, we are ready if necessary within the tender offer from each of the companies has their own approach and their methodological solutions allowing the client to choose a contractor and work with him.

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