How to check the model AirPods and charging case
Now, when the market came the second generation Apple AirPods, there are many scenarios in which you may need to check the model or AirPods case for charging.

If you are thinking about buying used or refurbished AirPods or may have bought wireless headphones the Apple in the drawing, it would be good to confirm which model you get. Read below a few ways to distinguish AirPods first and second generation, wireless and regular charger.

How to check the model AirPods and charging case AirPods

If your AirPods connected to your iPhone or iPad, click “Settings” → “General” → “About” → then swipe down to AirPods, where you will find the model number and serial number.
If AirPods are not connected, you can find the model number in small print on the inside of each earcup (you may need a magnifying glass)
If you have a box you can find the model number on the bottom
A1523 / A1722 — AirPods first generation, A2032 / A2031 — AirPods second generation

Charger case

If you have a led on the outside of the case, it is the case for wireless charging (also supports charging Lightning)
If the led is inside the body, this is the standard charger case (only supports charging from Lightning)

You can also find the model number of the charger cover at the top right of the top of the lid of the case as shown below.

Case for wireless charging on the left with the external led,
right standard case for charging

More information about identify your AirPods and the case for charging can be found on the Apple support page.

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