Roskoshestvo tested the new smartphone and told how to choose the right device, reports TASS. Experts advise to start from the functions that are necessary for you. A key advantage of the premium smartphones are often associated with the capabilities of the camera.

Most new models now multiple lenses, including tele and ultra-wide-angle. Also the price of smartphone does not necessarily correspond to its quality. The cheapest model is better able to cope with some tests, while expensive will not pass the basic tests.

Speaking of operating systems, experts explained that, according to their data, Apple’s iOS is better secure as compared to Android. This is due to the closed nature of the platform and better moderation of mobile applications in the App Store compared to Google Play.

Another advantage of the platform is a unified ecosystem with other Apple operating systems, with which you can start to work on a document on your MacBook and continue on the iPhone or open the website in the browser on your phone and finish watching on the tablet. While iOS gives you the ability to install apps from third-party sources, and has a few functions for customizing the appearance of the OS.

Roskoshestvo notes that the most popular mobile operating system is Android. It is developed by Google, but the manufacturers can customize, which on devices of different brands, the system looks and behaves, with some differences. The openness of the system allows the implementation of functions a greater number of developers, and everyone is free to write Android apps and use them on your device. The openness of the code also allows you to create a Google Play alternative app stores, but it makes the system less secure.

According to Roccasecca, the Russians are replacing old machines on the new on average every two years. Experts warn that buyers who are planning to buy camera, used, not possible to check past phone — fell if he changed the glass or not, whether it is recharged, how much does the average enough battery. However, visual inspection may not be enough.

For people looking for a more budget option, you can approach the phones of yesteryear release. For two years, smartphones are losing about a third of the price.

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