The easiest way to add Gmail to iPhone or iPad.

Gmail is considered the most popular in the world. Gmail offers huge storage for emails, powerful spam protection, and easy integration with other Google services. In this simple statement spoke about how to set up Gmail on iPhone and iPad running current iOS versions.

How to configure Gmail on iPhone or iPad

Step 1. Go to menu “Settings” → “Passwords and accounts” and select “Add account“.

Step 2. In the opened list of possible to add services, select Google. Here users have the option to add account, iCloud, Exchange, Yahoo! Aol and Outlook. In addition, selecting “Other” can be added to the standard Mail app, any mail service, for example, “Yandex.Mail.”

Step 3. Enter the username and password of your Gmail account.

Step 4. After successful input your Gmail account you will see the settings window mail service. Here you can choose what data you want to synchronize to your iPhone or iPad from Gmail.

To Google account tied to a variety of data, including contacts, calendars and notes. In that case, if you want to add to your iPhone exclusively mail, clear the check boxes for Contacts, Calendars, and Notes.

Step 5. Make sure to click “Save” to complete setting up Gmail on iPhone or iPad.

Ready! You have successfully completed setup Gmail on your mobile device. All mail from Gmail will instantly appear in the standard Mail app.

It is important to note that Google released for iPhone and iPad just two official email client: Gmail and Inbox. Both apps are completely free and do not contain in-app purchases. To use his own mailbox and Gmail. In particular, if you do not like the standard Mail app. To gain access to the mail in Gmail and Inbox, simply enter the details of your mail accounts.


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