Smartphone — this device is totally Autonomous, but sometimes it is necessary to connect additional accessories. For example, it may be the mouse with the keyboard, mobile or stationary printer or even a regular USB flash drive. The situations are different, and not everyone knows how to extend the functionality of a smartphone without SMS and registration, without Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

In fact, to connect to the cell periphery is very simple, only need to mobile phone was relatively modern — the old models it can cause a lot of difficulties and become impassable quest. So, if your smartphone is less than five years, you will succeed, guaranteed. Consider a few ways to connect.

1. OTG cable
OTG is an adapter in the form of a cable, one end of which is inserted into the charging connector of the smartphone. There are versions for microUSB and USB, so everything is under control. To buy this cable at any computer store or salon, and also at the same AliExpress, and it costs mere pennies within 200 rubles, and sometimes less. At the second end of the cable — connector USB-A into which you can insert pendrive, mouse, keyboard, and everything you need to connect to the smartphone. Android version 5.0 and newer will immediately determine the connected device, it will be possible to use it. If it’s a flash drive, it will appear in file Manager to further work with the documents. Path: /sdcard/usbStorage/sda1. By the way, there are cables on two or even three connectors to connect multiple accessories at the same time.

2. Compact adapter

The adapter in the photo is exactly the same OTG cable, only much more tidy and compact. It works on the same lines — on the one hand he has the connector to the smartphone, and the other connector to the periphery. The advantages of the adapter include its small size — it can carry, and a lot of it will not take place. The size of the adapter is also his flaw, as it can easily get lost anywhere, even in the same bag. Also the adapters are very tiny, the size of a fingernail. Usually there is only one connector USB-A, so to connect the two accessories it is not suitable, but in any case, you can use with all the necessary accessories.

3. Special USB flash drive

If you connect to your smartphone will be only a drive, it makes sense to buy a flash drive with an integrated microUSB connector or USB-C, depending on the model of your smartphone. Here all is simple — one end of the flash drive is inserted into the smartphone, and with it, you can immediately operate, and at the other end of her USB connector-C to connect to the computer or laptop. There are such drives are typically slightly more expensive than regular.

4. Connect to iPhone

Mobile technology Apple by default does not provide a wired connection of accessories because mouse, printer, hard drive or keyboard on it will not start. It is possible to connect only USB flash drive with Lightning connector, for example, JetDrive Go 300, but the cost of these accessories is very expensive compared to USB counterparts.

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