Follow the instructions for connecting Apple Pencil first and second generations of your iPad. Apple Pencil is much easier to communicate with your iPad, than most Bluetooth devices, you don’t even need to go into settings to do it.

If you are wondering what model you have, the first generation Apple Pencil completely cylindrical with a glossy finish and a Lightning connector, the second generation has a flat side with a matte surface and no Lightning connector.

How to link iPad with Apple Pencil

Apple Pencil first generation

Remove the cover from your Apple Pencil
Connect it to your iPad Lightning connector
After you see a notification on your iPad, click “Connect”

Apple Pencil of the second generation

Place Apple Pencil in a magnetic connector on the side of your iPad
Wait for the tooltip on your iPad
Click “Connect”

Learn more about Apple Pencil on the official Apple support page.

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