Russia is entering the era of digital television (DTV) broadcasts in analogue format in 2019 will be terminated, and to watch TV using only the antenna and the TV will not work. Or need to connect to a digital or cable TV or buying a digital TV set-top box. Last option is the most advantageous as it provides a one-time purchase and no monthly fees. Of course, you can always continue to subscribe to premium services, but everything will depend on your desire. Consider the most interesting digital TV set-top box that you can buy in Russia

1. Apple TV 4K
This universal TV-processor that can work with all modern televisions that have a HDMI input. Of course, to the Soviet “Horizon” you don’t connect like any other console — you will need an adapter from the 20th century in the 21st. Apple TV 4K works as widescreen and standard TV, making it versatile. Besides, it can give the view any TV channel online — this will only need to download the desired app in the app Store. In the kit, by the way. there is a handy easy to use remote

2. Nvidia Shield TV
Externally, the Nvidia Shield TV looks very exotic, but it is primarily console based on Android OS with all its buns and then the interior decoration. The model is characterized by the ability to play 4K video, as well as developed gaming capabilities, so if you have children or even grandchildren, then this is a great way to spend time with them. Russian television is supported in full measure, moreover, has access to Google Play where you can always download a program to run the desired channel. In addition, Android TV gives you the opportunity to look at all Russia’s TV and, moreover, for free — on the Internet there are many instructions how to do it, and then not even have to spend money on an antenna for digital television. The Nvidia Shield is connected to TV via HDMI.

3. Xiaomi Mi Box
Xiaomi Mi Box is a decent analogue Apple TV all generations, just better, more powerful and cheaper. In the basis of the device lies the same Android TV, and here we can also watch all TV channels absolutely free of charge, including Federal, which every day becomes more and more. Regular set of applications allows you to ins to connect to YouTube, cinemas Ivi, Netflix, and listen to Internet radio, including relevant in Russia the station. In the Network even broadcasts a radio beacon, if someone listens in 2019. In short, Xiaomi Mi Box is a kind of a modern smartphone, only he can’t call, and instead of a screen it uses the TV.

4. Galaxy Innovations Phoenix

This prefix should be taken when you do not want to spend a lot of money. It costs about 5000 rubles, and it is able to accept almost all broadcasting standards. In Russia, it will work with all TV channels like terrestrial and cable, plus it can record a broadcast when I connect my external drive. In short, this is just what you need when the budget is very limited.

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