Bluetooth headset is a headphone with microphone or without it, able to connect to your smartphone, tablet, computer and other equipment by air using Bluetooth technology. In 2019 they will be in high demand, as few people want to untangle wires and ensure not to break them. Bluetooth has for many years embedded in the gadgets, so that compatibility is guaranteed even modern headphones with the phones of the century — so the Bluetooth technology is perfect. In General, sync the headset with a smartphone is a simple process, but for those who have never experienced this, it can be an insurmountable task. We’ll show you how to solve it, and how to avoid difficulties in the process.

1. How to connect Bluetooth headphones

The first thing to do is buy the headset, and it is important to understand what you need. They are very different — completely wireless (Apple AirPods), with a lanyard to be worn around the neck or even overhead, with headband. Then everyone makes their own choice based on their own preferences and the amount of free money. After purchase, please charge your new headphones — they work on batteries and can be discharged. Then turn them on and wait until the appropriate audio or light signal.

Now take your smartphone or tablet and open it “Settings”, then go through the Bluetooth — it is usually located on the first tab, but everything is at the discretion of the manufacturer of your gadget. After you enable Bluetooth on the smartphone will display the search devices nearby — it tick to visible to other devices. After that, the list of nearby devices will appear in your headphones, select them and wait until sync. Now you can use your headphones when watching videos and listening to music, and if they contain a microphone, and when answering incoming calls.

2. How to connect headphones via NFC
Here the algorithm is exactly the same as with Bluetooth but in the preferences you will need to find a point of NFC. It is important to know that 90% of smartphones are not equipped with NFC-module, and because manufacturers of accessories will almost do not produce matching headphones. However, on sale they are, so be sure to choose a model with the desired connection type.

3. Why can’t I connect?

The risk of issues when connecting a Bluetooth device to a smartphone is reduced to the minimum of the algorithms have been honed to perfection, so the chances to face difficulties tend to zero. However, stuff happens, and if your headphones are not connected, should make sure first that they do work. Try to switch off and switch them, plug in the power cord and retry the sync again — perhaps in the headset just a battery.

The problem may be in the phone — turn off and turn it back on, activate the Bluetooth and try to connect the headphones again. If again doesn’t work, take another phone and try with it. And there are two options — either it will work, and in this case, the problem in the first smartphone, or again a failure. In this situation we recommend to contact the warranty Department of the store where you purchased the headset may be defective.

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