Today I want to talk about his favorite subject: the tyranny of Western Internet giants. About how they are “bullies” — and not only in relation to our country.

For example, China they also have their “float”. But the outcome is often different. Due to the various stereotypes we often underestimate the potential of this country. Meanwhile, dozens of the world’s biggest companies were forced to apologize to China and change their product in accordance with the requirements of the local authorities.

Let us consider specific examples.

From June in Hong Kong held anti-government demonstrations. The demonstrators, in particular, demanded cancellation of amendments to the extradition act. Against the background of “popular revolt” many IT giants tried to earn.

So, on October 4 Apple has approved the app HKmap, which notes new reports of clashes on the map, which allows protesters to avoid the police. The next day it appeared in the App Store and become the most popular in the category of “Travel” in Hong Kong.

The official publication of the Chinese Communist party newspaper “people hotel’s daily” — the condemned Apple, calling the app “toxic”, and also criticized the company for what Apple Music has a song Glory to Hong Kong — an informal hymn singing protesters.

In the end … Apple has removed the app, explaining his decision by the fact that has been a threat to law enforcement and residents of Hong Kong. The audit conducted by the Office of cyber security and technology crime Hong Kong (CSTCB), it was found that the service was used to “ambush police, and persecution of the residents in areas where no law enforcement”, — stated in the message of the company.

On the same day after Apple removed Google from the Google Play store app The Revolution of Our Times (“the Revolution of our time”) that allowed users to play from the faces of the protesters in Hong Kong. The Wall Street Journal reporters said that the editorial Board has obtained documents showing that the company removed the application at the request of the Hong Kong police. Google spokesman, in turn, said that the Corporation adopted a policy that developers are not allowed to earn serious conflicts and tragedies by creating games based on such events.

A big scandal broke out over a tweet Darryl Mori, General Manager of the club, “Houston rockets”, included in the National basketball Association (NBA). He supported the protesters in Hong Kong following post: “Fight for freedom. Be with Hong Kong.” Maury deleted the tweet when it was noticed and criticized Chinese fans. The owner of the “Houston rockets” Tilman of Fertitta explained that the record reflected the personal position of General Manager, not the club. Brought an apology and the cause of the conflict, but his words were not convinced neither by fans nor basketball functionaries of the celestial Empire.

The Chinese sponsors and the Chinese basketball Association immediately announced the termination of cooperation with this club. So, SPDB Bank of Shanghai, the sports brand Li Ning, the company Jiayin Group has suspended the contract with “Houston rockets”, but the telecommunications giant Tencent announced the termination of broadcasting of the games of the American club this season. Nike has removed the trappings of the club from the Chinese version of its online store. Was also canceled an exhibition match farm teams “Houston” and “Dallas Mavericks”, which was to be held in October in China.

Media Corporation of China called saying Maury “challenge national sovereignty and social stability”, and included in her major state TV channel CCTV intends to suspend the screening of all pre-season meetings between the teams in the NBA. Tencent Holdings, which has exclusive rights to broadcast the NBA in China, has refused to broadcast her audience reaches 490 million viewers. Obviously, this will lead to incredible losses on the is.

A similar situation occurred with the professional player in eSports Blitzchung, who won the Hearthstone tournament and pasterova interview expressed support for the protesters in Hong Kong. He was at once deprived of all prize money and access to the game for a long time. Even commentators who took his interview was sacked. The situation turned into a major scandal for the company — the players have begun to Express refusal of the company’s products and cancel pre-orders games.

And now I want to ask my traditional question: China was able to gain respect from a variety of brands, repeatedly “bending” them; what then should happen more with us and we have to finally open your eyes and in Russia?

We began to react to all those insulting and inexcusable things in our country from the West — and, if not laws, the ruble/dollar/Euro would lead them to the world?..

To understand everything I listed above the company: they are very much not want to lose “fat” the Chinese market. And our — ready? Maybe check it out? We are constantly saber-rattling, which is not ready to use. And our opponents know it.

For example, legislators we want to get Western media to pay huge fines “for intervention in the elections” if these media are not in Russia. How? Suppose that under this law, we will issue a fine of 25 million Deutsche Welle, or CNN. How we are going to get it? We have often discussed the bills that have not previously been adequately addressed.

Therefore, I believe that we should first pass a law that will oblige foreign media outlets (media and Internet companies), operating in the Russian market, to register in the Russian Federation legal entity that will operate under Russian law. It should be a company under Russian jurisdiction. In this case, they will bear full responsibility for their actions, including material ones.

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