Apple has added to iOS a few extra safety systems that should protect user data from hacking. However, as practice shows, the implementation of the protection mechanism for iOS via USB not only increased the protection of the gadget, but also created users with some problems c iPhone and iPad. In some cases, the device simply refused to recognize accessories without prior unlocking.

In General, the problem is solved easily enough. At occurrence on the screen of your iPhone and iPad messages with a request to unlock the device for connection of accessories or charging, users just need to remove the lock screen in any convenient way.

However, in some cases, such features can be easy to forget, and instead charged the iPhone to get even thinner device.

How to disable the lock system

To disable such protection mechanism, users need:

  • Open Settings.
  • Go to the “Face ID and password”.
  • Scroll to the item USB accessories and disable the corresponding slider.
  • After this notification requirement to unlock the device when you connect the various accessories will cease to appear.

    Recall that Apple started to introduce such measures of protection after the appearance of special devices to hack Apple’s smartphones and tablets. One of them was GrayKey used by authorities to obtain the data stored in the memory, locked the iPhone and iPad.


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