Useful information for all subscribers.

Every day there are a lot of reviews from disgruntled subscribers of the leading Russian operators that they were connected unwanted paid subscription. Complaints are really a lot, including from MTS. In this manual told about how the easiest way to turn off all paid subscriptions on MTS.

Typically, operators connect a paid subscription in a special way. Originally connected to the service is free. In the personal account stated that the fee for service is charged, which the callers often do not notice it on the background of basic free services.

However, some time later, the service becomes chargeable. And it is not rare for her be written off the truly large amount. Especially in cases where the subscriber monitors the status of his account not very closely, and the money is charged for a long time.

It was to avoid such cases, the MTS need to know about a simple way to disable any of our paid services. In order to ensure that the list of connected services has not added anything new enough to run a USSD-command *152*2# (after dialing, press the call), and then in the menu that opens, choose the second item — Right on the smartphone screen displays information about all available subscriptions.

As for services that are not considered subscriptions, it is easier to disable in your account on the website of MTS. Simply browse through the list of connected services and avoid those that you are connected. In addition, it is recommended to disable some basic services that you just do not use. The fact that in the future, free services may become paid.



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