Nice little improvement.

Apple decided not to make a total change of the functional part of the updated operating system iOS 12. The company has focused on small improvements. One of these is a pleasant option to add icons to the web sites (favicons) in the tabs of the Safari browser.

Favicon are small images that are displayed in tabs next to the names of the websites. They are on iOS devices in other browsers like Chrome and Firefox. The same icons can be seen in the Safari browser under “favorites“. In iOS 12 favicon can be added directly to the interface switch Safari tabs on iPhone and iPad.

It is very simple. After you have updated the device to iOS 12, go to menu “Settings“, click “Safari“, scroll down to “Basic” and enable the option “Show icons on tabs“.

Changes instantly take effect, so you don’t even have to restart the Safari browser or a separate web page. At the top, between the tab name and the mark “X” will be displayed favicon.


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