Since the most frequent failure is a broken iPhone screen, a calling to service centre to face original and non-original components. And if you checked the services fair will offer the installation of original or quality copies, then in other places can easily put a cheap Chinese display and pass it off as original. We asked experts SmartPrice tell you how to distinguish the genuine from the copy screen.

There are many opinions about the origin of high-quality and original spare parts. Each has its explanation and can be subject to criticism and debate. Let’s try to figure this out.

The iPhone displays are divided into 3 types:

  • Produced in a factory. Can have origins in China alone, it should be understood that the parts may be “assembled” from components, but not checked by quality control Department is Apple. They correspond to the quality and the material parts established by Apple on your iPhone.
  • Shot with the device. Can have origins not only from China, but, for example, from Russia, when the first wave of sales of new devices price of spare parts is enormously high.
  • Copy. There are low-quality copies produced by handicraft, in the factories, do not have professional equipment, or do not meet the requirements of Apple. But there are decent analogues, which are almost not inferior to original displays. They are called “Copy A, Copy AA++”, etc.
  • The first type of screens installed is extremely rare, because the supply of such displays from China is not very much. Most often, the screens are removed from the other iPhone — at least it guarantees the quality of the display and its origin. However, there are unscrupulous service centers and shops that restore iPhone, installing low-quality copies.

    How to distinguish a good display

    Most clearly this can be seen after opening the device — for example, minor flaws (the remains of the plastic next to the holes for screwing the screws) in the smelting of the plastic frame which carries the glass. However, such opportunities are often there, so to distinguish the screen and visually.

    Left — high-quality display. To the right is a cheap Chinese copy.

    First, the quality display white, black and gray colors are displayed clearly on the cheap copies have shades of yellow or blue. Substandard display issues poor color rendition and a dim, faded colors.

    Left — original display

    In addition, if on iPhone installed quality screen, the joint between the display and the hull will be invisible. Have display no aftermarket gasket that seals when you install the protective screen.

    Well, the most simple test — try to leave as many fingerprints on the screen. Cheap replica are very sensitive to them, then as a quality display has a much more noticeable oleophobic qualities.

    Not to do such tests and to be confident in the quality of the screen purchased iPhone, it is better to purchase smartphones from reliable stores. The same SmartPrice implements the “updated” iPhone, which pass the strictest of inspections in service centers and are not the cheap Chinese displays. The screen changes in the case, if the specialist detects, for example, glare or incorrect display of colors on the edges of the display. All devices are warranted for 90 days.

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