The mobility of people is growing every year: cheaper tickets, easier visa relations, successful business is becoming international, covering new markets and increasing sales. Therefore, it is important to stay healthy and multitasking, despite the difference in time zones and geolocation. This is especially important if you’re not an ordinary employee, but a leader and business owner. Then you will need not only to have time to meet new partners, but also to control work processes, setting objectives and solving problems remotely. Now we will tell you what will ease this difficult to consider, if you’re always sitting on their suitcases.

1. Secure cloud storage

To carry external hard drives can be inconvenient, moreover they are easy to damage. We know how is the loading and unloading of Luggage: it may deform the rotating blades of the disk, which it will simply cease to function. Thus probably important information stored on it will be lost. The stick is also not the best option: amount of memory may not be enough. Another thing — cloud storage that does not occupy space in the Luggage and the volume of which can be enlarged by acquiring an additional package. Despite the fact that now the market of cloud storage is wide, you should choose those who have long been working in this area and allocated resources to development and support. These include Google and “Yandex”: these guys like the US and USSR during the cold war, are in fierce competition to improve the quality of services keeping price within reason. An additional advantage would be that sharply need the file you can send directly to it if you allow it privacy settings.

2. SIM card with access numbers around the world

You probably wondered: how to use cloud storage without stable Internet? True, but it is the answer. MTX Connect is a mobile provider that will provide you with the Internet in almost any country in the world. Why not in all? Because some countries, because of political convictions and low development, not adapted to the mobile Internet (and in principle to the Internet).

If your business is not associated with slavery or drugs, it is unlikely that your business trip will be associated with these countries. But in civilized countries it is the opposite. MTX Connect delivers a steady signal that will allow you to be in touch, to work with some files on your mobile phone or tablet and share Wi-Fi for your laptop. The provider provides different tariff plans depending on the size of the traffic, saving, selecting the best option for you. In addition, it is important to consider the company’s approach to service improvement. MTX Connect has its own regularly updated app for iOS and for Android. Through it easier to control the parameters of communication and control costs, which is especially important on the road when there is no time to carefully study the website. In MTX Connect understand that many businessmen and managers have no time to sit and wait for the slowpokes need of “Mail of Russia” it will deliver. Therefore, they were among the first in Europe launched eSIM. This new generation of programmable SIM cards that do not have a specific service provider that allows you to get rid of the need of visiting salons. To configure and add a new operator. Learn more about the services and tariffs MTX Connect →

3. Productive and compact laptop

Of course, modern smartphones in terms of functionality is practically not inferior to computers, but still work for them not so comfortable. Coaches analysts will tell you that most smartphones can connect a mouse and keyboard. Yes, but how practical? Much less space is small but powerful laptop with a long battery life. In this segment there are only two worthy opponents, fighting for your preference. One of them is Apple with its MacBook Air, the weight of which does not exceed 1.5 kg and the diagonal of 14 inches, so you can take it in your hand Luggage. For all that optimization increases the duration of battery life to 10-12 hours. But not everyone is able (or not willing) to pay the amount Apple requested for the laptop. Then comes the turn of Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air 13, which has the same resolution, weight, appearance and duration of battery life. This is the same MacBook Air only on Windows and with a price tag 2-3 times lower.

4. Applications for online meeting software

A situation when you need to be in several places at once, not uncommon in everyday life, so regular patrols will only increase their number. But if an important meeting in one city can be transferred or be late on it, being in another country, you’ll be a lot harder to do it. So there’s nothing left but online conferences. They allow you not to postpone things, solving them on a rolling basis. Especially in the trip can suddenly appear free time that can be spent with advantage, communicating with colleagues, subordinates or partners. It is important to note that not all applications are equally popular and are available in all countries, so you should use the ones that are in great demand and the most common. These include Skype and that work correctly both on desktop and on mobile devices.

5. Program organizers

Because of jet lag and long flight you might forget to make an important call, view reports and manage workflows. Anyway, it used to be. Now there are many a variety of multifunctional applications that help efficiently manage your time. It can be as analogous to a personal diary (Wunderlist, Google Keeps ToDoist) timely notifying you about events and goals, and a serious platform to organize and manage work apps. For example, the Trello app in which you can divide the whole production process at the stage to be split between subordinates and track the process of problem solving.

6. Secure messenger for corporate communication

The appearance of messengers strongly struck on positions of the mobile operators. To communicate regular SMS became unprofitable, and progressives went online, forgetting that this roaming. It is difficult to imagine a person, of which there would be no messenger. In addition, they are actively developing, expanding functionality — voice messages, video calls, attach files and more. If we talk about who to prefer, it is important to consider the presence of encryption. This is especially important to preserve corporate secrets and eliminating industrial espionage. I think it is clear where we’re headed: long live the Telegram! Yes, there are others, but Telegram is perfectly optimized and localized, updates are released regularly to improve the work, and VPN settings.

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