Tell how using the application Workflow to convert video from YouTube to an audio file and upload to the device.

Of course, YouTube is a video service and all the content there comes in this format. While it is often possible to see the clips, interviews with famous people, podcasts, audiobooks and other materials that are optional to watch. The same interview is much easier to listen to, especially on the go or in the car. But in order to download the videos and watch it in the background, you need to subscribe to the YouTube RED. Well, or to use a utility Workflow.

So, to do this, you need to load the process in the Workflow.

After this you need to:

  • Open in Safari any video,
  • Click on the “Share”button.
  • To choose from the list of Workflow options.
  • Select from previously loaded process.
  • Wait for the download.

Workflow will do everything automatically and save the video in a pre-selected folder. But this process can be adjusted by choosing the format which will be converted downloadable videos, the way to iCloud Drive, where they go, and the name for the uploaded video. To do this, open the Workflow, find the set process and change the appropriate parameters.

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