The easiest way to do it.

Subscribers of the Russian operators daily send huge number of SMS and perform many different calls to short numbers. Often people don’t know any details on a short number and acting blindly. As a result, calls and SMS are removed big money and strange connect paid services. Not everyone knows that the MTS there is a special service that allows you to get all the details on a short number.

How to find out all about the short number on the MTS

Mobile operator MTS has a special service that allows you to quickly and accurately get all the details about any short number. The service shows how much it will cost call and sending a SMS to a short number. Also, the service offers to see the contact details of the company that owns the shortcode.

In order to use the service, simply navigates to this page of the official website of MTS to enter the desired shortcode.

Immediately after this the site will give detailed information on a short number.

An even easier way

If you are not able to go to the MTS site, to find out the cost of sending SMS to the short number can be even easier. Send a message with numbers short number for a service number MTS 2282. In return you will receive a message about what the fee is for sending SMS to a specified number. In the home region for this SMS is free of charge.

Thanks to these checks, you can protect yourself from unnecessary spending and fraud.



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