It was way too easy.

The girl named Ashley Meyer of new York was a tragic for all fans of Apple technology event. While Ashley waited for a train at the local underground, AirPod insidiously popped out of the ear and went on the rails. Someone maybe waved a hand at him, but not Ashley.

She wrote in his Twitter that he appealed for help to the duty of the station. He said to get the earphone is in principle possible, but it will take at least two hours, during which Ashley had to be there.

Arriving the next day in the metro, Ashley saw that AirPod is still out, and decided to act independently.

To get the headset, I had to include smekalochku. The girl went to the store where I bought the MOP, and duct tape. Collect them from a makeshift dipstick, Ashley went back to the subway and easily pulled though a bit dirty, and a headset.

Ashley wrote that although plant workers watched the girl with a MOP with suspicion, but did not intervene, so the rescue operation was successful. Unfortunately, Ashley did not share a different hack, as it dezynfytsyrovaly earphone which is two days spent on the dirty subway tracks. But everybody can have their own little secrets.

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