New action from the operator.

Mobile operator “Beeline” announced the launch of a new promotion. “Beeline” began to offer free of beautiful rooms when you connect a new SIM card, regardless of rate. The operator’s proposed accommodation are not premium, however, they are much more beautiful than usual.

In order to get a beautiful room “Beeline” for free to request to connect the SIM card to the operator’s official website, with the right booking. It is important to note that the number of beautiful free rooms are limited, so a truly original rooms will take only the most agile buyers. Registration of SIM cards is available on this page. “Beeline” is recommended to click “I’m feeling lucky” to find a really beautiful rooms that are free.

Also “Beeline” has launched the sale of unusual and beautiful rooms. For the money the company offers the purchase of “Bronze”, “Silver” and “Gold room” value of 1000, 3000 and 15 000 respectively. For example, for 1000 subscribers can purchase numbers of the form 7 905 3810001 or +7 961 6505553. Very beautiful rooms, which, according to reviews in the group of “Beeline” in “Vkontakte” many people use as gifts for relatives for the New year.

For 3000 rubles silver available numbers of the form 7 967 8004433 and +7 905 3224411. And finally, over 15 000 roubles it is possible to buy unique gold numbers, for example, +7 962 6293333 or +7 965 8863333.


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